Foundation Repair Tulsa

Foundation Repair Services in Tulsa, OK

At Level Up Foundation repair of Tulsa Oklahoma, we specialize in foundation repair and house leveling. Our main objective is to offer you the highest level of customer service to guarantee your satisfaction. We only use the highest quality products and the best practices in our services, as well as give the lowest possible prices in the Tulsa area.

We have been restoring foundations and helping our business customers and home owners both in Tulsa since 2013 in providing them with the highest quality of products. Examples of these products are: Concrete Piers, Perma Pile Piers, & Steel Piers as well as foundations. Our house leveling services consist of: Mudjacking, Pressure Grouting, Structural Engineering, Drainage Corrections, House Raising, House Lifting, House Leveling, and Pier & Beam Leveling. Every member of our professional staff is highly experienced and well trained in all areas and are eager to give you the best service that far outshines the competition.

Concrete & Perma Pile Piers
foundation repair tulsa ok

At Level Up Foundation Repair we are well experienced and considered to be one of the best foundation repair companies in the Tulsa Area. We will use the advanced new technologies of the Perma-Pile System for new revolutionary original foundation repair.

This new System which can be used for both residential housing and commercial businesses known as Perma-Pile was developed in the 1980’s with the main focus being to repair and correct the devastating effects of the Oklahomas expansive clay soils.

The system is perfect for all shallow foundations as well as any lightly loaded properties in the Tulsa area.

Finally the once the repairs are completed the appearance is clean, permanent, and are accomplished in a fast and effective manner. Most of the jobs only take a day or two when done by our professional team and are backed by a lifetime guarantee with a transferable warranty.

Steel Foundation Piers

We also offer a Perma Pile Foundation System, and at Level Up Foundation Repair we use steel piers which are driven deep in the crust of the earth and are used to help distribute and transfer any excess unwanted weight of your home or place of business into other strategic, stronger, load bearing destinations.

This will be help to stabilize your property as well as lift and bring your property back to its originally position.