Slab Injection

Slab Jacking

Do you have concrete that is sinking? Over time, concrete that was poured over poorly compacted soil will tend to sink as the ground beneath it settles or erodes. In some case’s the concrete will also crack if the ground below it has settled unevenly. Slab Jacking is the process of repairing the sunken concrete by floating it back up to its original position.

Slab Jacking can be used to correct most sunken concrete situations – even very large concrete slabs such as foundations, patios, etc… The process is relatively simple, but it does require professional equipment and expertise.

Level Up Foundation Repair will repair your sunken concrete by pumping a mixture of sand, cement and other additives through small holes in the surface of the concrete. This mixture fills in the space below the concrete slab, raising it up to its original level. In most cases, a Slab Jacking job can be completed in just a few hours, saving both time and money. Opposed to breaking up, removing and re-pouring new concrete.


Description of the Level Up leveling process

  • We first drill small holes through the surface of the slabs to be leveled.
  • Next we hydraulically pump grouts though these holes, filling any voids present below the slabs.
  • We continue to pump in the areas that have settled, raising the slabs back to the proper height and matching them with adjacent slabs. The grout will flow below the slabs filling voids during the leveling process. We stress complete void filling for a lasting repair.
  • After leveling has been completed, a durable cement called non-shrink grout is used to patch each drill hole flush with the surface. Patches will vary in color from the existing concrete. This color disparity will diminish over time.
  • Final rinsing and clean up completes the process.


Benefits of Slab Jacking

  • About half the cost of replacing the concrete.
  • Get years of continued use out of your existing concrete.
  • Can be done with no disruption to surrounding structures, and very little (if any) disruption to landscaping.
  • No need to remove heavy (or permanently installed) fixtures/structures/furniture on the concrete slab, as the slab jacking process can lift both the slab and the items on it.
  • Perhaps best of all, there is no wait time to begin using your newly restored concrete surface!

Slab Jacking can be used to repair sunken concrete, patios, basement floors, sidewalks/walkways, concrete driveways, concrete pool decks and steps for home owners. We can also restore leaning chimneys and sinking home foundations. At Level Up Foundation Repair, we can handle just about any Slab Jacking job you may have.




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