Steel Piers

Steel Piers

Also known as piling, steel piering is the process of placing steel pipe pilings in order to fix failing foundations on buildings and correct the foundation settlement.

The piers are made of sections of steel, oftentimes either galvanized or coated in an epoxy. They are driven into the soil with a powerful hydraulic ram.

Another type of steel piers are helical piers, they work by using screw piles and steel shafts. The lead section of the pier is fixed with at least one helixes that provides the required bearing capacity. These pier types are screwed into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor.

Either system requires Level Up Foundation to use at least one steel pier that is driven into rock or other hard soils. The piers are then connected to the foundation through a metal head assembly. After you’ve achieved a suitable bearing stratum, each pile is then tested to a force and load that is far greater than then what is required.

The embedded piers are attached to a hydraulic jack in order to return it to it normal elevation. After the structure is restored to the correct elevation, the piers are fixed by welding or bolting. After they are locked into place via wall brackets, the piers are safe and secure.

Steel Piers like those Level Up Foundation installs are optimal solutions for decks, hot tubs, patios and other pre-fabricated buildings.


What are the Advantages of Using Steel Piers?

  • Cheaper cost, sometimes as much as ten times less than replacing the foundation
  • No interference with living in the home, the repair is performed without affecting the use of the building
  • The equipment used to perform the steel pier level up process is portable and can be used in very tight crawl spaces
  • Works to fix the cause of the settlement issue and the consequences that have occurred
  • Keeps the yard nice and clean
  • Requires no heavy equipment


Why Level Up Foundation Repair?

When soil settles and your home suffers, the faster you get a professional team on the job like those at Level Up Foundation, the better chances you have at saving the home and foundation from damage that cannot be repaired. In these situations there isn’t much that an individual can do without proper training and equipment. The process of fixing the foundation and re-settling the home to its original level can be dangerous as well. Level Up Foundation takes the risks needed and has the necessary tools to return your home to normal.

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