Concrete Piers

Purpose of Concrete Piers in Sapulpa
Installation of Concrete Piers in Sapulpa
Advantages of Concrete Piers in Sapulpa

Purpose of Concrete Piers

The majority of people in Sapulpa have faced foundation problems at some point in their life. One of the fastest ways to correct your foundation is through the support of concrete piers.

The soil across Oklahoma is naturally shifting throughout the year as a result of the seasons. These changes cause the soil below your house to expand and contract throughout the year. In certain cases, this will result in issues in your foundation. Once these problems take place, they usually only get worse as the soil continues to shift.

Installation of Concrete Piers

Sapulpa concrete pier foundation repairThe idea behind this solution is that we provide your foundation with additional support using concrete piers. These piers are often a fast and inexpensive alternative to other methods of foundation repair.

We start the installation process by digging around the damaged area of the foundation. Once we have the ability to get under the affected area, we insert hydraulic jacks to lift the foundation back to its original elevation. This allows us to insert concrete pillars just below the foundation to provide support and hold the foundation in place. Lastly, the foundation is lowered down and the areas of excavation are filled back in as they were originally.

Advantages of Concrete Piers

Concrete piers are relatively inexpensive to implement. In addition, this method is very quick and allows you to get back to your natural routine around your home or office.

Our concrete piers are incredibly strong and can bear the weight of any commercial or residential structure. This makes concrete piers an option for nearly any situation.

concrete pier foundation repair contractor SapulpaIn certain areas of Oklahoma we have clay in our soil. Clay particles cause the soil to be incredibly expansive. Concrete piers work exceptionally well for leveling in these conditions. Our concrete pier method works by hydraulically driving pre-casted 11,000PSI rated cylinders below your home or business to the super compacted soil, deep in the Earth. The concrete piers are a much larger than the steel piers. The large concrete piers (roughly 12″ tall by 6″) are driven deep in the earth until the pier will not drive any deeper. Typically the structure will only lift or recover at that point. This is referred to as Skin Friction, which is compact soil squeezing the much larger concrete pier, deeper and deeper, into the ground.

Don’t want to break the bank but still need a reliable product Our concrete pier method is your solution.

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