Perma Pile

Perma Pile Piers

Who wants to live in a home with foundation issues? Old homes and even some new homes settle and eventually have problems due to soft soils and expanding clays, especially in the North Texas area. Level Up Foundation Repair use the revolutionary new and patented, Perma-Pile System. It works great for commercial and residential foundation repairs, as a bonus once these issues have been resolved Perma Pile Piers carry a lifetime warranty.


The Advantages of Using the Perma-Pile System

Drilled pier work is not the answer in every situation. Many times inexperienced foundation repair team use concrete and steel pier system on homes only to find out later they’ve done more harm than good. These oftentimes expensive foundational repair systems also take up to two weeks to complete, some home owners simply don’t have that amount of time to wait.

This is where the Perma-Pile Piers from Level Up Foundation work great for those living in Texas. The precast concrete cylinders eliminate the need to mix and pour concrete at the site. The resulting foundation repairs are effective, strong, clean, quick and permanent. In many cases a Perma-Pile repair can be accomplished in 2-3 day’s time making it highly attractive to home owners in a pinch.


More On Perma-Pile

Level Up Foundations pre-cast concrete cylinders are hydraulically driven under the foundation. Once they’ve been strategically placed under the slab beam, the effect known as total refusal has been achieved. This happens when the cylinders have hit the strata that can safely and effectively support their load.

The loads are automatically compensated and used to effectively drive the piles to the needed depth.

The Perma-Pile Piers automatically test the soil while being driven. The depth is then determined by the soil compensation and the friction from the skin needed to support the load.

Piers are aligned starting at the surface and followed through to the depths of the pilings.

There is no drilling required and no initial settlement occurs due to debris in the drilled hole.


Why Level Up Foundation Repair?

Our team uses the best pre-cast piers to support your home when the time calls for it. When a home is resting on an uneven foundation serious problems may occur. These problems can be dangerous to the inhabitants of the home and can cost a fortune if not treated soon enough. Professional teams like those at Level Up Foundation are equipped with the needed tools and have access to training and materials not available to the general public. Without professional help in solving problems related to foundations, there is no assurance the job is completed correctly and safe. Level Up Foundation can guarantee you the job is done right and your home is safe and sound once again.

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