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Purpose of Steel Piers in Midwest City
Installing of Steel Piers in Midwest City
Advantages of Steel Piers in Midwest City

Purpose of Steel Piers

The majority of people in Midwest City have come across foundation problems at some point in their life. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to repair your foundation using the support of steel piers.

The soil across Oklahoma is constantly shifting throughout the year as a result of the seasons. These changes cause the soil below your house to shrink and expand throughout the year. In certain cases, this will result in issues in your foundation.

Installing of Steel Piers

Midwest City steel pier foundation repairOur steel pier method is a technique in which rods are hydraulically driven deep into the ground until they connect your foundation in strong, solid bedrock or a load bearing strata. By attaching the foundation to bedrock, your office, home, or building is no longer subject to shifting soil. Steel piers are designed to withstand the pressure of the soil around it. The piers are also resistant to corrosion from water and various chemicals.

The depth of the bedrock may vary by location, but rods are typically driven about 22 feet deep. However, in Midwest City it is not uncommon for bedrock to be deeper into the ground. Once embedded, the rods should not move. However, from time to time they can still need adjustments and we will warranty all adjustments under our lifetime warranty. This keeps your foundation anchored and secure.

Advantages of Steel Piers

steel pier foundation repair contractor Midwest CitySteel piers are driven into the bedrock or load bearing strata on every install which helps protect your commercial or residential structure against unstable soil zones in Midwest City. Steel piers are a great option throughout Oklahoma and with our lifetime warranty, you never have to stress about your foundation again!

Our steel piers are an interlocking 2-7/8″ steel rod system that is hydraulically driven to bedrock or a load bearing strata. Since no one truly knows the final-destination of their pier, we apply as many PSIs to the pier that the structure will allow. This is a great repair method for commercial businesses, two story homes, or a home with a basement. Since these structures tend to bear more weight, we typically recommend our steel pier to make these repairs. These are permanent piers with a lifetime transferable warranty. Unlike our competitors, Level Up’s steel pier is installed underneath your foundation’s exterior stem wall instead of bolting the pier to the side of the stem wall.

Steel pier installation in Midwest City is a minimally invasive and a quick process. Installs require small excavations and less time on the job, which means less disruption of your landscape and less time out of your busy schedule.

Search no further for a permanent solution to your foundation problems. Our steel piers connect your home’s foundation to the earth’s bedrock, or load bearing strata, to keep your investment safe. Contact us today for information on how to get started.

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