Concrete Piers

Concrete Piers

Push piers as they’re oftentimes called are concrete piers that are driven by hydraulics and made of sections of galvanized steel. They are point bearing and placed with hydraulic rams straight through unstable soils and rocks or other load bearing materials.

When your home’s foundation begins to suffer and structural integrity is at stake, it’s important to call pros immediately to avert any negative situations. The faster you get Level Up Foundation Repair to use concrete piers to return your home to a normal state, the safer you are and the less money you will spend in the long run.


The Advantages of Concrete Piers

Every pier is tested individually for its load bearing capabilities and then the structure is stabilized with a patented system that guarantees the maximum recovery of the foundation. Level Up Foundation Repair specializes in using concrete piers to fix many types of foundation problems. Optimal bearing is met when the load bearing strata is reached by the piers that are jacked into the ground.

The system has been shown to successfully support nearly every type of soil and conditions as well. Concrete piers can be used to recover foundation stability and re-level the slabs built on improper soil types or in low-quality conditions. They are also excellent at protecting against seismic activities like earthquakes. Other reasons to use concrete piers from Level Up Foundation Repair would be for tieback anchoring, deadman anchoring and any type of fixture anchoring.

Concrete pier systems can even be installed in tight areas and crawl spaces.


Why Level Up Foundation Repair?

As houses settle or when foundations are built on poor grounds, dangers could arise from an unevenly leveled home. The danger can result in monetary loss, the loss of your home or in extreme cases injury. Unlike other home improvement projects, leveling a home required materials, knowledge and skills that most people do not have access to. Hiring a professional team like those at Level Up Foundation Repair is therefore the best option for a family looking to restore their home to a normal, livable and safe condition. The entire process takes time and can be extremely dangerous as well, therefore, make sure the people you hire to fix your home are licensed, professional and with the reputations of being the best in the business.

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