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Bartlesville foundation repairLevel Up Foundation Repair is an Oklahoma based foundation repair company that serves the entire state of Oklahoma. Our company offers the highest level of customer service, quality products and services, and experience to provide superior service over the competition.

Factors of Foundation Problems

foundation repair contractor in Bartlesville, OKAt Level Foundation Repair we offer multiple types of piers for underpinning your foundation. Foundation problems are a common obstacle in Bartlesville. First, you must know the factors we see on a daily basis that have led to underpin homes or businesses.

Expansive clay soil is the primary culprit in the equation. From season to season you might see a few different changes throughout your home. Cracks in the brick could start to pop up one season and disappear the next. Alternatively you might find that your front door locks during the summer but it’s difficult to lock during the winter. These are examples of expansive clay soil expanding and contracting due to wet clay soil.

Improper drainage can be a huge factor that can cause over settling of your foundation. Making sure you have proper drainage is crucial to avoiding unnecessary home maintenance. If too much surface water stands and over saturates the soil, it’s going to sink in the mud. Proper drainage and lot grading will save you from these potential foundation repair problems!

Another key foundation problem is inferior building methods. This is a serious problem for Bartlesville residents. We see old homes and new homes that were built using subpar methods. When builders don’t include rebar or post tension cables in the foundation, it is inevitable for the structure to become at risk.

There are an array of factors that can cause foundation problems to a home or business. It’s very important for your foundation repair contractor to know how a home is built, how it moves, what load bearing points are and how to identify the issue. Without understanding the problem, the contractor is unlikely to correct the root of the issue.

Your Foundation Repair Specialists

foundation repair in Bartlesville, OklahomaOur company has been helping homeowners and businesses since 2012. We provide the highest quality foundation products i.e. Concrete Piers, Perma Pile Piers, & Steel Piers and foundation | house leveling repair services i.e Pressure Grouting, French Drains, Drainage Corrections, House Raising, House Lifting, House Leveling, Wall Tie, and Pier & Beam Leveling. Our entire staff is professional, experienced, highly trained, and ready to provide superior service over the competition.

Look no further for a permanent solution to your foundation problems. Our steel piers anchor your home’s foundation to the earth’s bedrock, or load bearing strata, to keep your investment safe. Give us a call today for more information on how to get started.

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